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    Soh Lab January 2015
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  • Revolutionary aptamer discovery technology
    Revolutionary aptamer discovery technology
  • Real-time in vivo monitoring
    Real-time in vivo monitoring

Professor Soh has moved to Stanford University.

Please visit our new website here.

In the News

  • Congratulation to Peter Mage, winner of the Falling Walls Lab San Diego!  Peter will present at the global Falling Walls Lab Finale this November in Berlin.
  • Faye W. and Kareem's work on P3 (PC-Phone-PCR) system is highlighted in PBS Nova.
  • Faye Walker's work on point-of-care molecular diagnostics has been selected as an ACS Editor's Choice article. Congratulations Faye!
  • Our team receives 2014 Keck Grant Award in Medical Research
  • The Director's Office at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) highlights our lab's work on nucleic acid aptamers. Using DNA for More than Genetic Information.
  • Tracy Chuong and Cayuga Biotech wins second place in the 2014 UCSB New Venture Competition (Tech Push category). Congratulations, Tracy!
  • Diana Wu wins the Dean's Fellowship at UCSB - Congratulations, Diana!!
  • MEDIC attracts the attention of NIH as potential tool for personalized medicine.
  • Professor Soh is inducted as a fellow to American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE).
  • Nature Magazine highlights our work on real-time biosensors.

Highlighted Publications

  • F.M. Walker, K.M. Ahmad, M. Eisenstein, and H.T. Soh
    "Transformation of Personal Computers and Mobile Phones into Genetic Diagnostic Systems"
    Analytical Chemistry 86 (18) 9236-9241 (2014)
  • M. Cho, S-S. Oh, J. Nie, R. Stewart, M. Radeke, M. Eisenstein, P. Coffey, J. Thomson, and H.T. Soh
    "Array-Based Discovery of Aptamer Pairs"
    Analytical Chemistry 87 (1) 821-828 (2015)
  • S-S. Oh, B. Lee, F. Leibfarth, M. Eisenstein, M. Robb, N. Lynd, C. Hawker, and H.T. Soh
    "Synthetic Aptamer-Polymer Hybrid Constructs for Programmed Drug Delivery into Specific Target Cells"
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 50 (82) 12329-12329 (2014)
  • A.H.J. Yang, K. Hsieh, A.S. Patterson, B.S. Ferguson, M. Eisenstein, K.W. Plaxco, and H.T. Soh
    "Accurate Zygote-Specific SNP Discrimination Using Microfluidic Electrochemical DNA Melt Curves"
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (12) 3163-3167 (2014)
  • J.P. Wang, Q. Gong, N. Maheshwari, M. Eisenstein, M.L. Arcila, K.S. Kosik, and H.T. Soh
    "Particle Display: A Quantitative Screening Method for Generating High-Affinity Aptamers"
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (19) 4796-4801 (2014)